Wellbeing Battery

Wellbeing Battery Components


Identifying five different levels within the battery percentages is key for simplification; with different colours, names, numbers and illustrations.

By splitting the battery into five segments we can describe what each level is like and make a plan for what is best for you at each level. The identification and description of these levels are different for each person, although there are some generic themes.

The most common things we see are:

  • People not realising how low their battery is
  • People recognising burnout in themselves once learning about the Wellbeing Battery
  • People being Red and Orange (the lower two levels) feeling guilty that they can’t ‘do it all’ and realising when they see this that it’s not possible
  • Frustration when comparing their current state to a past state when they were able to ‘do it all’
  • Having a higher percentage battery (energy) being related to resilience in life events, illness and injury.


What level are you? Is this where you want to be?

Splitting the battery into levels allows for better communication, simpler monitoring and more straight forward strategy creation.

The Wellbeing Battery


At every level it is good to have strategies in each of the 6 categories below.
These are mostly in our control.

Remember: It’s not what you are doing…
It’s what you ideally would be doing to help you recharge

Sleep / Rest

Sleep is our most powerful recharge and the key to climbing up the energy levels.

Activity / Movement

Bodies and minds love to move. Strategies for movement assist with climbing up levels.

Health Professionals

Proactively knowing who you need in your team rounds out our strategies.

Nutrition / Hydration

Our bodies need food and water to survive and recharge us.

Connection / Social

Connection is key to wellbeing and happiness.

Stress Reduction / Headspace

Reducing stress is a powerful wellbeing strategy.


The Wellbeing Battery journal was created for you to monitor your energy levels and take action to recharge your battery over time.

It includes sections to learn about the Wellbeing Battery, create your levels, create your strategies and monitor in the calendar.

Your Wellbeing Battery is a dynamic construct, always recalibrating to the changes in your life. The power is in understanding the concept and what your body and mind need to be able to recharge.

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