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Welcome, you're in the right place!

My name is Sal Oliver Lange. I am a physio, business owner and believer in humanity. My goal is to reduce the rate of burnout in the world. 

I think if we all had a bit more energy we would all contribute more and have more fun! 

The Wellbeing Battery is for people who want to learn about how to recharge their battery. People who want to thrive on their own terms, people who want to build empathy.

Love Sal

I have a theory...

I believe that on any given day we have a battery life anywhere from 1-100%. There are things that use or drain our battery and there are things that recharge and nourish us.

We start the day with a certain amount of charge and depending on what that amount is, what we must get done, what we choose to do and what happens to us the whole system tracks up and down over time. Some of us wake with 1% battery and some with 100% and everything in between.


I believe understanding this can have a profound effect on the way we live, love and learn. Not only would we be more loving and understanding of others, we would be more loving and understanding of ourselves. 


Truly guilt free self-care. 

The Wellbeing Battery


One of our best analogies for the Wellbeing Battery is your phone's battery.

How stressful is it to know that you only have 25% phone battery to get through a day?

We panic if our phone battery is down to 10% and seek a charger but we often don't know where our own battery levels are at. 

Do you want to go on low power mode all the time?

Unlike a phone we can't just plug in and get to 100%. But by taking small steps each day we can learn to recharge.

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